I’m Not Dead Yet.

The last 12 months have seen me suffer a stroke and two heart attacks. Luckily, I recovered from all three, but it has taken me almost 10 months to learn to draw the way I was drawing in 2019. On Christmas of 2020, I posted my first pet portrait in over a year. It was an animated gif of a boxer, loosely based on my boxer named Henry. It felt good to see the kind comments. I used frame-by-frame animation to build back my drawing ability. I feel I am at 85% as of this writing and am positive I will make a full recovery soon.

Xmas Dog
Boxer in reindeer antlers wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Click to view.

I will be adding custom gif options to my store, as well as selling art on various online print on demand sites, and making the leap into the world of NFT minting and selling. Updates will soon be becoming.