The Naked Merciless Force of General Ursus


The Naked Merciless Force of General Ursus © 2016 Todd Bane

Of all the Planet of the Ape movies, Beneath The Planet of the Apes is my favorite. It is totally off the charts! The best character is the gorilla General Ursus, played by the amazing James Gregory.

His best scene is a speech he gives about the evils of humans, accumulating with the amazing line, “The only good human is a dead human.”

The title of this painting comes from another line of that speech where he exclaims, “The only thing that counts in the end is POWER! Naked merciless FORCE!” It’s beautiful!

I wanted this portrait to be dark and menacing. The pencil drawing took forever to get correct, but once I was happy the rest of the portrait flowed easily.


Ursus-1 Ursus-2 Ursus-3 Ursus-4

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