The Last Ride of Captain America

The last Ride of Captain America © 2016 Todd Bane

The last Ride of Captain America © 2016 Todd Bane

This is not a portrait of the superhero of the same name, but the name of Peter Fonda’s character in the wild movie “Easy Rider”. When I first saw this movie, it rattled my, at the time, right wing brain. I thought it was entertaining but full of hippy propaganda. But the older I got, and the more jaded I become on society and the American Dream, I started to understand what he was looking for. All any one wants is freedom. Freedom from government reach, freedom to follow what religious beliefs, or non belief, one wants to follow. Freedom to do what you want to do and not cause harm to anyone.

The movie exaggerates southern society, but is true on a level on how mean the masses can be on the individual. And that is the theme of the movie, free to be an individual.

This painting kicked my ass. It took two pencil drawings, both sucked, but I completed it.

I put the the American Flag in his eyes to show what he was looking for, and the background is chaotic to show what he was escaping. The colors are red, white and blue. I use those colors frequently because I believe in the concept of America.

The best way to enjoy this painting is to hang it on the wall and crank up the MC5’s Kick Out The Jams album (cd) and enjoy your freedom, brothers and sisters!


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