The Kevin Durant Rule of Art

Everybody from my business manager to my favorite bar tender has asked me why I haven’t done a portrait of the Oklahoma City Thunder. “It will sale like crazy” they all said. And they could be right, but I have two rules I use to draw by, never jump on a band wagon (which I call the Breaking Bad rule), and never draw anyone until they are 35 years past their most famous moment, which I now call the Kevin Durant rule.

I’ll explain. When Mr Durant won the NBA MVP in 2014, I was ecstatic! I almost broke the rules to honor that happy moment, but I stopped myself and I am glad I did. If I would have gone against these rules, which have been placed since I started doing portraits, I would now be stuck with a closet full of Kevin Durant paintings, none of which I would not be able to give away. So you gotta have rules, man, or the whole world goes up in flames!

So, here is a quick sketch of Steven Adams. I’m not breaking my rules because this is not for sale, its just for this blog. But it will be for sale in 2051!


Steve Adams © 2016 Todd Bane

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