The Crimes of Faye Dunaway


This is my portrait of Faye Dunaway as she looked in the 1967 film “Bonnie and Clyde”.

That was an amazing movie with one of the bloodiest death scenes I have ever scene, and Faye, as Bonnie Parker was the shining light in all of this mayhem. She smoked, cussed, drank and robbed banks while flashing her angelic eyes with total innocence. She turned my generation of young boys into lovers of bad girls.

I kept the colors soft to match her beauty. The emphasis is on her large eyes and lips. She looks like a good girl that carries a 38 in her purse.

Faye-Dunaway-pt1  Faye-Dunaway-pt2Faye-Dunaway-pt3 Faye-Dunaway-pt4 Faye-Dunaway-final



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