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The Last Ride of Captain America

This is not a portrait of the superhero of the same name, but the name of Peter Fonda’s character in the wild movie “Easy Rider”. When I first saw this movie, it rattled my, at the time, right wing brain. I thought it was entertaining but full of hippy propaganda. But the older I got,…

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Old Gods Die Hard, portrait of Lemmy Kilmister

This portrait was done for the Motorhead 40th Anniversary show held in Oklahoma City. This is the second time I have painted Lemmy, and the differences in the two painting shows how much my style has evolved over the years. This is the birth pains of the portrait. I love the pose. Elegant and tough…

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The Transformation of Saint Lou – Final

I let the chaotic version win and this is what happened. This is a simple 2 color painting, but the shadows and highlights make it look like more. The best way to experience this painting is to put on Lou’s album, “Metal Machine Music” at a deafening volume and just stare until the blackout happens,…

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