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The God of Thunder – Gene Simmons Skull Portrait

How about that shit! That is the craziest portrait I have ever done! It’s the second of my celebrity skull portrait series. This painting of Gene Simmons is based on his photo from the cover of KISS Alive II. He was a sweaty, blood-covered mess, and it matched the music on those two vinyl albums…

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The Rise of the Italian Stallion

Rocky is one of the greatest boxing movies ever made! It was created by Sylvester Stallone and made him a superstar! I tried to capture the violence and chaos that happens in a boxing match, as well as emphasizing the destruction done to Rocky’s face from his opponent. His eyes are swollen shut, his jaw…

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The Awakening of Travis Bickle

  One of my favorite movies is Taxi Driver. It’s amazing, and the main reason is the performance of Robert De Niro. This portrait is my attempt to pay homage to him and the movie. The title refers to the moment Travis realizes his mission and prepares himself to its undertaking. It is truly magic…

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