Why So Serious? A Skull Portrait of Heath Ledger

© 2016 Todd Bane

© 2016 Todd Bane

Heath Ledger was the best Joker, hands down! He was creepy, violent, and had no sappy backstory on why he as that way. He was just an evil man that wanted to watch the world burn! Awesome! I thought his character would be perfect for my next skull portrait. The smeared clown make up and poorly died hair just made him look perfect, the way the Joker should look. The colors are loud, the composition is straight on and a little threatening, and the finished product has an uneasiness and confrontational feel to it.

I stuck with the green and red color scheme to match his attire while trying to avoid falling into a Christmas look. If anyone thinks this looks like a Christmas painting then they are sick and twisted. The exact person that should buy this crazy painting!

The sketch came out nice. I drew it small and used a pen and brush to concentrate on the shadows.


Starting filling in the colors. Mostly red and green. Added the red circle to try to contain a focal point to all the chaos that is coming.


Brought in yellow texture marks to have a uneasiness to the composition. The green dots add to the craziness of my subject matter.



Finished by filing in the background and adding various line marks and various paint splatter patterns.lifestyle-4

The frame and mat is built and painted and it is ready for hanging!


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