Old Gods Die Hard, portrait of Lemmy Kilmister


Old Gods Die Hard © 2015 Todd Bane

This portrait was done for the Motorhead 40th Anniversary show held in Oklahoma City. This is the second time I have painted Lemmy, and the differences in the two painting shows how much my style has evolved over the years.


Old Gods Die Hard sketch © 2015 Todd Bane

This is the birth pains of the portrait. I love the pose. Elegant and tough while showing confidence.

It is a rough look because he has a rough look. He still has the swagger but not so exaggerated. He still has the glimmer in his eye, just not as bright. He’s an old god.





Old Gods Die Hard Shadows and Highlights © 2015 Todd Bane





The shadow his hat casts on his face gives a haunting appearance. The contrast between light and shadow is exaggerated for maximum contrast.







Old Gods Die Hard Color © 2015 Todd Bane



The color palette was kept to a bare minimum, as I was going for a washed out look.



Old Gods Die Hard © 2015 Todd Bane








The finished piece show both weariness and vitality.

Even though he is old and slightly worn, Mr. Kilmister still has life and power inside him.



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