Music To Draw By – Rock and Roll Over by KISS


Rock and Roll Over is great album to slap on the stereo when you want to let music take over your brain. This is the perfect 1970’s hard rock album, the last great album KISS ever made*, and one that I love to listen to while I draw.

This was their best album since ALIVE ripped a hole in the Milky Way**. The songs in Rock and Roll Over cover all subjects from goal setting (I Want You), to taking care of loved ones (Calling Dr. Love), and relationship philosophies (Love ‘Em, Leave ‘Em). It even contains the song that made Garth Brooks a household name (Hard Luck Woman).

Plus, look at that amazing cover! The damn thing was done on acetate so there’s not an original of it anywhere.

This album is what rock and roll is all about: pure hedonistic pleasure!

*”What about Love Gun?” you say. Love Gun was a good album with one of the greatest rock songs ever written (I Stole Your Love), the best love song of all time (Love Gun), and the world’s best non-Hendrix guitar solo (Shock Me), but the album as a whole sucked. Especially the cringe-worthy Christine Sixteen and the god-awful And Then She Kissed Me.

**I hear you asking, “But what about the Destroyer? That was amazing!” That was a great album, but it was as much a Bob Ezrin album as it was a KISS album, and therefore does not count. Ezrin over-produced the shit out of it, just like he did Alice Cooper’s Billion Dollar Babies album.

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