Joe Cocker, Earth Singer

Joe Cocker, Earth Singer © 2015 Todd Bane

Joe Cocker, Earth Singer © 2015 Todd Bane

When I heard that the mighty Joe Cocker passed away last December, I decided to start a portrait of him.

I wanted to do it differently than my usual portraits. I wanted this one to be full of frantic movement and raw emotion, so I skipped the pencil sketch portion of my process and drew him on the computer.


Black and white sketch of Joe Cocker. ©2015 Todd Bane

This portrait is a composite of 3 different photos from his performance at Woodstock.

The man was a brilliant blues and rock singer. He made his name by singing, or interpreting other peoples songs. Once Joe sang a song, his version was from that point on the definite version.


Joe Cocker portrait in progress. ©2015 Todd Bane

The best way to enjoy this painting is by listening to Mad Dog and Englishmen while dinking a pint of Guiness Stout.

A print can be purchased here.


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