The God of Thunder – Gene Simmons Skull Portrait

The God of Thunder © 2016 Todd Bane

The God of Thunder © 2016 Todd Bane

How about that shit! That is the craziest portrait I have ever done!

It’s the second of my celebrity skull portrait series. This painting of Gene Simmons is based on his photo from the cover of KISS Alive II. He was a sweaty, blood-covered mess, and it matched the music on those two vinyl albums perfectly.

Growing up in the seventies, KISS was The Band, and Gene Simmons was my favorite bass player. I traded in my trumpet for a bass so I could play like him. He is criminally underrated as a melodic bass player.* Everybody thinks Paul McCartney** is the best, but I’ll put any KISS song up against any Beatles song for comparison. Mr. Simmons is amazing.


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*Listen to his playing on Going Blind from Hotter than Hell album. It is wonderful!

** Sir Paul is very good. Listen to his bass lines in Something to see how amazing he is.

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