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The God of Thunder – Gene Simmons Skull Portrait

How about that shit! That is the craziest portrait I have ever done! It’s the second of my celebrity skull portrait series. This painting of Gene Simmons is based on his photo from the cover of KISS Alive II. He was a sweaty, blood-covered mess, and it matched the music on those two vinyl albums…

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Old Gods Die Hard, portrait of Lemmy Kilmister

This portrait was done for the Motorhead 40th Anniversary show held in Oklahoma City. This is the second time I have painted Lemmy, and the differences in the two painting shows how much my style has evolved over the years. This is the birth pains of the portrait. I love the pose. Elegant and tough…

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Joe Cocker, Earth Singer

When I heard that the mighty Joe Cocker passed away last December, I decided to start a portrait of him. I wanted to do it differently than my usual portraits. I wanted this one to be full of frantic movement and raw emotion, so I skipped the pencil sketch portion of my process and drew…

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