Artist Statement

The work shown here was done over a series of years starting in 2004 to the present. It shows my passion in two areas, portraits and pop art. I have been a fan of both mediums since I was old enough to read magazines and my artwork is a tribute to the artists like Peter Maxx, Patrick Nagal, Ralph Steadman, and Bill Sienkiewicz.

The paintings capture a moment in each subjects life, whether it is an actress planning her next move or a musician capturing the perfect tone. They also tell the story the way I want them to be seen, free of superfluous items and directly to the point. All have an attitude to them that brings the viewer closer wanting to know more.

The medium I work in is digital. I start with a pencil drawing and finish it in Photoshop. I leave mistakes and pencil marks to add a hands on look. I also employ loose line work that I have carried over from my years as a pen and ink illustrator, add bright colors to keep each painting lively and bring in various textures to bring depth to the paintings.

These people are chosen from a time before realty television, social media, and selfies. They were famous because of their talent, hard work, and dedication to their craft. True gods.