My art is loud, chaotic, colorful, violent, exciting, contemporary, illustrative, comic book style, destructive, lively, action packed, stunning, beautiful, pop art. I digitally paint loud subjects like robots, luchas, portraits, and pinups.
My Education is from a state technical school in WACO, TX. Two years in and out with a degree in commercial art and advertising. This was in 1988 when a person did not need a degree to be an artist. I never learned to paint properly but I learned how to reproduce the world around me using pen and ink. That was my medium for 15 years, starting with traditional styles and evolving into a more dynamic, unorthodox style.
My Inspirations were not traditional fine artists, but commercial illustrator Ralph Steadman and comic book artist Bill Sienkiewicz. They showed that sloppy pen work and coloring outside the lines was a beautiful thing to behold.
In 2004 a bought an Apple iBook laptop and dedicated myself to digital paintings.
My Exhibitions have been in Oklahoma City and started in August 2008 at the Second Annual Okie Twist-off. I rented booth space and showed my prints. Did not sell much but had a great time.
My second showing was a six month run at The Lovely Day Gallery. It started in November of 2008 and ran until June of the following year.
I followed that with a show a successful 2 month run at Coffee Slingers in November 2009.
Next was a show at The Velvet Monkey Salon in May of 2010. Good crowd and people were buying.
I took some time off to buy a house and other life stuff, so I did not have another show until October 22, 2012 at the annual Plaza Festival. I had some great work to show and the weather said 10% chance of rain expected early, but it rained heavy that morning and rained lightly the rest of the day. Traffic was low but art was sold.