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Music To Draw By – Rock and Roll Over by KISS

Rock and Roll Over is great album to slap on the stereo when you want to let music take over your brain. This is the perfect 1970’s hard rock album, the last great album KISS ever made*, and one that I love to listen to while I draw. This was their best album since ALIVE […]


The Prettiest Skull

This is my tribute to the amazing David Bowie. I did it as a skull because I wanted to try something different than my usual portraits.* The idea comes from his album Aladdin Sane during my favorite era of Bowie, his Ziggy Stardust years. It is loud and beautiful, like that album. The scheme was […]


Evel Knievel – Daredevil, A True Superstar

This painting is loud and proud, just like the man himself! Evel embodied the late sixties in America: reckless, wild and innocent! He was crazy and calculated, the the hero of every boy at that time. There is a great book written about him by Leigh Montville called, Evel. I used two different images for […]


The Kevin Durant Rule of Art

Everybody from my business manager to my favorite bar tender has asked me why I haven’t done a portrait of the Oklahoma City Thunder. “It will sale like crazy” they all said. And they could be right, but I have two rules I use to draw by, never jump on a band wagon (which I […]


The Last Ride of Captain America

This is not a portrait of the superhero of the same name, but the name of Peter Fonda’s character in the wild movie “Easy Rider”. When I first saw this movie, it rattled my, at the time, right wing brain. I thought it was entertaining but full of hippy propaganda. But the older I got, […]


The Naked Merciless Force of General Ursus

Of all the Planet of the Ape movies, Beneath The Planet of the Apes is my favorite. It is totally off the charts! The best character is the gorilla General Ursus, played by the amazing James Gregory. His best scene is a speech he gives about the evils of humans, accumulating with the amazing line, […]